Section I - This organization shall be known as “RIO ONE’’.  RIO ONE is an active neighborhood of The Villages consisting of homes on Catalina Court, El Lobo Way, Lisbon Lane (south of Rio Grande Boulevard), San Maria Street, and San Pedro Drive to San Marino Drive.

Section II - The mission of the club shall be for the social pleasures and active life style of its members.


Section I - The membership of this club is open to all residents, full or part- time, that have lived in the Rio Grande No. 1 area. Houseguests are welcome as guests at club activities. Rio One members have priority over non-members for any club sponsored activity.  Membership will be effective starting in the month of January and ending on December 31st.  Early renewal may be made starting December 1 by forwarding contribution to Membership Chairperson.  Associate membership is extended to social companions of single household members, and/or to active or past participants of Rio One Sports leagues, and to current residents of the San Pedro and Rio Grande Villas.

Section II - Member contributions are ten dollars ($10) per year for dual households or five dollars ($5) per year for single households.  Renewal must be paid by March 1st of the following year.  Any change in the annual contribution will be voted on by the membership. 

Non-members will pay an additional ($2) to attend any event subsidized by the Rio One Social Club.


Section I - Elected officers shall serve a one-year minimum term and shall consist of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  These officers comprise the executive board.  Their term of office shall begin at the close of the December meeting.  They shall hold office until their successors are elected or appointed.

Section II - Should a vacancy for an elected office occur between annual elections, it will be filled by an executive board selection.  That member will serve out the term along with the elected officers of that term.

Section III - The executive board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the club, business meetings, time and place of meetings, recommendations and shall perform such other duties as specified in these bylaws.


Section I - The board of directors shall consist of the elected officers and committee chairpersons.  The president shall appoint all committee chairpersons and as needed, special committees.  Each member of the board shall have full voting power.

Section II - Special committees are, but not necessarily limited to, the following (with descriptions on the attached addendum):50/50 Raffle, Audit, Caring, Nomination, Annual Christmas Dance, Newsletter, Calender, HON, Activity and Program.


Section I - Meetings will be held on the third Monday of each month from 7 to 9 pm in the scheduled meeting room.  The executive board shall designate all changes to the schedule with members informed through the media, newsletter, flyer and/or telephone contact.

 Section II - The elected officers will meet at the discretion of the president.  Appointed committee chairpersons will be invited as necessary.


Section I – All members shall be eligible for voting rights.  A majority vote of those in attendance will rule in all matters, including acceptance of these bylaws and subsequent revisions.

Section II - The president shall appoint a member of the club to serve as chairperson of the nominating committee at the May meeting.

Section III - The slate of officers to be filled shall be presented to the members of the club at the November meeting.  Nominations may be made from the floor at this time.  In the event of no floor nominations and only one name submitted for each office, a motion and second will be accepted to elect the nominating committee’s slate by acclamation and the new officers will assume duties at the close of the December meeting.  If no names are submitted for an office at the November meeting, the executive board shall select willing officers for the coming year.


Section I - President-It shall be the duty of the president to preside at the meetings of Rio One Social Club.  The president shall open the meeting at the appointed time, call to order and announce the agenda of the day.  The president is to enforce observance of the approved bylaws, protect the rights of all members and insure that the majority rules.  The president is to appoint all committee chairpersons and shall approve all reimbursement to any member for expenses incurred in operation of the club’s business. The president shall declare the meeting adjourned.

Section II - Vice President-It shall be the duty of the vice president to assist the president at the meetings.  If the president, for any reason, vacates the chair or is absent, the vice president will preside and be responsible to carry out duties of the president.  The vice president will also serve on the activity/program committee.

Section III - Secretary-It shall be the duty of the secretary to maintain a full and proper chronological record of all meetings, including the executive board meetings.  Minutes of the meetings and correspondence are to be presented to the members for approval at each general membership meeting.  The secretary shall keep a current list of all members as well as a copy of the bylaws.  Also, the secretary shall have custody of all records and papers of the club excluding the treasurers’ reports.   The secretary shall also be responsible for notifying the Daily Sun and VNN of upcoming meetings and having the meeting room arranged to meet the needs of the current monthly meeting.

Section IV - Treasurer-The treasurer will maintain the financial records of the club including chart of accounts for membership contributions.  The treasurer will receive and collect all monies of the club, prepare financial statement showing all receipts and disbursements and the current balance to be presented to the members at each general membership meeting.  All checks in the future require only the signature of the club treasurer, and any checks over two hundred ($200.00) must be supported by a signed paid-in-full invoice from the party receiving the check.  In the absence of the treasurer, checks requiring immediate issuance may be signed by the President, Vice President, or Secretary.  Duties will also include presenting financial record for audit at the end of the year to the audit committee.  A non-profit checking account has been established at Citizens First Bank. Monies for any club project will be deposited and disbursed from this account. Duties will also include serving on the membership committee.


                                                                 ARTICLE VIII - BUSINESS MEETING PROCEDURES

Section I - Robert’s Rules of Order Revised, when not in conflict with these bylaws, shall govern the proceedings of this organization.

These bylaws have been edited to include the addendums and amendments, which were approved

and adopted by a majority vote of the club members at regular meetings of the club on

February 21, 2000, September 17, 2001 and March 21, 2005.

 The bylaws were edited on the _____ day of ___________ in the year 2007.



Attest: ____________________




Rev. 1 dated 1/15/01 - Approved by majority vote to increase amount necessary for dual signature on all checks from $50 to $200.


Rev. 1 dated 1/15/01 - Approved by majority vote to increase amount of contribution upon the death of a member from $10 to $25.


Rev. 2 dated 9/17/01 - Approved by majority vote to charge nonmembers an additional $2 to attend any of the club events.


Rev. 3 dated 3/21/05 - Approved by majority vote to extend associate membership to social companions of single household members,

                                   and/or to active or past participants of Rio One sports leagues, etc.


Rev. 4 dated 3/16/09 - Approved by majority vote to increase yearly dues to $10 per household or $5 per person.


Rev. 5 dated 3/16/09 - Approved by majority vote to extend associate membership to Rio Grande and San Pedro Villas.


Rev. 6 dated 10/17/11 - Approved by the majority to amend Article VI, Section 1 - to change "resident members" to "club members" for voting rights.



Guide Lines for Regular and Special Committee Chairpersons

Activity and Program Committee shall develop, coordinate and supervise recreation, special events and educational/social programs for presentation at the monthly meetings and at special functions outside the general meetings.

Audit Committee shall review the treasurer’s year-end financial report, verify accounts and report results to the executive board and the membership at the January meeting.

Calender Committee shall be responsible for the monthly calender of events to be distributed by the “block captains”.

Caring Committee shall attend to personal greetings in time of need. Upon the death of a member – a contribution of $25 shall be made to an organization specified by the family. Upon the death of a family member, mother, father or child – a sympathy card shall be sent.

Christmas Dinner Dance Committee shall recruit volunteers to help in the planning of the function. Be responsible for the caterer, entertainment, decorations and whatever else is necessary for a successful party. Work with the treasurer as to the monies available.

Fifty/Fifty  Raffle Committee shall sell tickets for designated dollar value, establish 50% payout based on sales at the general meetings, determine wining numbers and forward the balance of sales to the treasurer.

HON Committee (Help Our Neighbors) shall endeavor to provide special support, on a non-recurring basis, to Rio One members in need of occasional help.

Membership Chairperson shall distribute membership renewal forms to members each year, prior to December 1, and receive membership dues through February; update and maintain the membership record and furnish a copy to the President, the Newsletter Editor, and the Webmaster as of March 1; furnish new membership data to the Calender Editor; and furnish new resident information to the Caring Committee Chairperson.

Newsletter Committee shall be responsible for the monthly newsletter to be distributed by the “block captains”.

Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of officers for the annual elections and present the slate to the membership at the November meeting.

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